FPPCA inclusion in electricity charges is mandatory as per JERC regulator and are bound to be calculated and claimed by Utilities all over the Country from time to time please read the article in the Web Archives.
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Welcome to Government of Goa Electricity Department

Talukawise Nodal Officers Contact No's during Lockdown Period : Click Here

1. Due date of payment for Electricity bills generated and issued to all HT consumers in the month of April, 2020 is extended up to 15th June, 2020.
2. Due date of payment for Electricity Bills issued to LT consumers, whose current due dates, fall within the lock down period, is extended up to 20th May, 2020.

No Delayed Payment Charges (DPC) will be levied on the unpaid amount of the Electricity bills of consumers, if the Electricity bills are paid within the extended due dates.

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Consumer can apply for new connection online New Connection online

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For Streetlight and CMS complaints please contact toll free Nos from M/s BVG 1800 233 3949 / Toll Free Nos from M/s EESL 1800 180 3580

For Vigilance queries / complaints kindly direct your mails to "cvcceepanaji@gmail.com" or alternately SMS to EE Vig on +917796633114 or EE(MRT) on 8380015008 – verbal calls will not be entertained.

The Electricity Department was created as a Govt. Department in the year 1963. The Electricity Department is the only licensee in the state of Goa for transmission and distribution of Electrical Energy.

The Department does not have its own generation and purchases power from the Central Sector Power Stations of the National Thermal Power Corporation as per the allocation made by the Central Government. The Total allocation of power from the NTPC is 332 MW.

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